As inventors of a product devoted to supporting the incredible, strong and resilient men and women who are raising children, we have the honor to meet some incredible people with amazing life stories. When times are hard, and you wonder how you can “do it all,” we hope you’ll find inspiration from our PodSquad. Together, we have your back!

Meet Lauren Hinnershitz, founder of NOONI’S leak-resistant bra and nursing apparel & mom of two boys, ages one and five

We met inventor Lauren Hinnershitz at a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) show, and immediately loved her energy, enthusiasm, and brilliant idea for the first-ever comfortable, leak-resistant nursing sleep bra that no longer requires breast pads. Seeing Lauren in action as both an entrepreneur and a dedicated mom — her six-month-old baby was with her at the tradeshow — we knew she was the perfect addition to our PodSquad. Read More

Meet Farran Tabrizi, a creative entrepreneur dedicated to empowering other women & mom of an active toddler

Farran pours her heart and soul into her business, Tabrizi Productions, in a way that’s both beautiful and inspiring. We know firsthand how dedicated she is to help other female entrepreneurs succeed… because she created our Mamapod video . In fact, her son Axl (then 10 months old) is the star of the video! Through this wonderful experience, we got to know more about Farran, and we’re thrilled to honor this enthusiastic, upbeat, super talented creative professional as a PodSquad member. Read More

Meet Lindsay Fredrick, mom of teen triplets and an adopted one-year-old baby & a Cradle Care mom

Lindsay is the mother of four children… and has been a cradle care mom for over 20 babies and counting! She opens her home and her heart to help both infants and new adopting parents, who often need support and coaching in basic childcare skills.

With a background in Child Development and Marriage and Family Therapy, Lindsay has always been a hands-on, at-home mom to her triplets. As they grew and the family relocated to Florida, Lindsay learned about a fascinating line of work for adoption agencies: Cradle Care family. There are numerous reasons why adopting parents can’t just leave the hospital with their children, from proximity to paperwork delays and beyond. Read More

Meet Jessica Whobrey, Our Inaugural PodSquad Honoree

Jessica Whobrey takes multitasking to the next level. A 39-year-old mother of 11 children who range in age from six months to 25 years, plus five grandchildren, she’s quite literally got her hands full!

Jessica owns and operates a tree service and landscaping company with her husband, Travis, in the Tampa Bay area. She also homeschools her kids, studies for her aromatherapy license, sells essential oils and is aiming to earn her birth and postpartum doula certification after that. Read More