As inventors of a product devoted to supporting the incredible, strong and resilient men and women who are raising children, we have the honor to meet some incredible people with amazing life stories. When times are hard, and you wonder how you can “do it all,” we hope you’ll find inspiration from our PodSquad. Together, we have your back!

Meet Farran Tabrizi, a creative entrepreneur dedicated to empowering other women & mom of an active toddler

Farran pours her heart and soul into her business, Tabrizi Productions, in a way that’s both beautiful and inspiring. We know firsthand how dedicated she is to help other female entrepreneurs succeed… because she created our Mamapod video. In fact, her son Axl (then 10 months old) is the star of the video! Through this wonderful experience, we got to know more about Farran, and we’re thrilled to honor this enthusiastic, upbeat, super talented creative professional as a PodSquad member.

Like all moms, Farran has a “before baby” and an “after baby” story. For more than 17 years, she has been assisting brands by crafting story-driven event, music, corporate, commercial, education and training videos. She even won a Telly award for Best Online News Feature! In 2014, she left the corporate world to launch her own full-service boutique production company, producing, editing and directing videos for a wide range of businesses. When Axl was born in 2018, however, things changed… which helped Farran shift her priorities and refocus her business.

“I think work-life balance is huge and if you can find a way to create your own schedule, be it as a business owner or find a great employer that understands LIFE or life as a mom, it’s, well, life-changing. If you’re able to carve out something in the world that you can do, that is what can make your existence exceptional.”

During the first few months of motherhood, the stress of managing constant transitions bore down on this busy entrepreneur. As Farran accurately observes, “the minute you figure one thing out, something else immediately happens!” For a woman who made her career being ultra-organized and producing large, complex video shoots, it was a seismic shift… one that led her to be open to new ways of seeing the world, doing her job and branching out.

“I’ve been doing a lot of self-discovery lately. I never felt I knew it all, but WOW! There is so much out there to help you understand who you are.”

By connecting with other women in the same position, Farran realized that she could marry her passion for video production with helping female founders and entrepreneurs as a new focus for her business. She credits the podcast Being Boss as a key factor in her bringing new life to her work by owning what she wants for herself and her family. (Read more about Farran’s journey own words.)

Why Farran 💚s Mamapod

Farran made an immediate connection with Mamapod not just because she and our founder Cindy hit it off — but because it was the perfect baby carrying option for an on-the-go entrepreneur and live music lover.

“Baby carriers have advanced a lot over the years and I feel the Mamapod has everything that an Ergobaby or LÍLLÉbaby has, but then it has the pole support — which is a game changer. We go to a lot of music events/festivals and it’s important that we expose our son to that part of our life. Mamapod’s support pole makes withstanding the festival hours 100 times easier.”

Now that Axl is a bit older, Farran makes great use of the seat function, especially when spending a long day out and about. As Farran has learned, being adaptable and flexible is the key to making smooth transitions as a mom and an entrepreneur!

For more about Farran, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.