For babies of all ages and sizes, the snuggle is real. Nothing is more comforting than being held and carried, especially when little legs are tired from a fun day exploring.

Introducing Mamapod, the first ergonomic baby carrier specially designed to keep your baby or toddler close while preserving your comfort. Simply wear our “hip-seat” carrier when you’re on the go, or attach our extendable Mamapod support pole to truly take a break. You can also hold your child how it’s best for you (front/back) and how he or she prefers (facing inward or out).

Safe, sturdy, dependable Mamapod has your back (literally!) - making it easy and comfortable for you to carry your baby or toddler for longer periods of time.

Mamapod Has Your Back



Stylish wide and padded belts optimize shoulder and waist support. Hip seat guarantees sitting & carrying comfort. Soft mesh enhances breathability.

Easy to Use

Putting on your Mamapod is a snap, with 2 belts/straps for quick adjustment. It’s easy to load & unload baby from the hip seat & use the front wrapper to secure smaller children.


Mamapod adapts to new ages & phases, as your child grows from 4 to 36 months, 12 to 44 lbs. Baby can snuggle in close facing you, or face out to join the fun.

Compact & Light

Sleek, streamlined design is perfect for caregivers on the go. Mamapod is made of durable yet lightweight material, with foldable seats and collapsible support pole as an optional accessory. 

Back Relief

The ergonomic design with lumbar support does all the heavy lifting while you’re moving. And the sturdy support pole provides complete back relief when you’re standing still.

Let Mamapod Do the Heavy Lifting


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Our Story

Hi, I’m Cindy, founder of Mamapod, 

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, but in my case, motherhood was the necessity that compelled me to invent Mamapod.

I’m petite, so even when my daughter was an infant, carrying her for a period of time was tiring. During a family trip to Disneyland when my daughter was 18-months-old, my aching back sparked a light-bulb moment: what if her comfy soft carrier could be effectively reinforced - with a stand, even - to lighten my load while keeping her close?

As a trained engineer in high-tech and hands-on mom, I knew there had to be a better way. But nothing in the market proved to be the ultimate answer… so I decided to invent one myself.

And so, thanks to the unwavering support of family and friends and through countless iterations, consumer testing and safety trials, Mamapod was born.

At Mamapod, we always have your back - and we’re here to help you fully enjoy life on the go with your beautiful baby or toddler.  READ MORE....

Why Mamapod? Support Can Be Just An Extension Away