Safety in Happy Baby Wearing


Safety in baby wearing starts with choosing the right carrier and using the proper carrying mode for your child. 

Mamapod Baby Carrier is ASTM F2236 compliant.  Each unit passes our stringent internal quality standards. 

With Mamapod, each carrying mode has a recommendation for use depending on the child’s age, size and weight. Mamapod Baby Carrier is recommended for use with babies that are no younger than 4 months old, and no less than 12 lbs.  The face forward mode in front carry is recommended for babies older than 6 months, and the back carry mode is recommended for babies older than 8 months.

With that in mind, please know that each baby develops differently, so please use your best judgment per our recommendations.

 Additionally, we recommend:

  • Be conscious of protecting your child’s hands, arms, feet and legs when you’re “hands-free” baby wearing.
  • Squat down when you load your child in and out of the carrier, especially for back carry mode, for maximum safety.

Regardless of what baby carrier you use, falling and suffocation hazards are possible. We care about your child’s safety and yours too, so please keep in mind the following best practices when you use Mamapod or any baby carrier:

To avoid  falling incidents:

  • Infants can fall through a too-wide leg opening, so keep leg openings as small as comfortably possible.
  • Your balance and vision may be affected by carrying a baby, so stay alert in your environment.
  • Always do a check to be sure all aspects of the carrier are properly engaged.
  • Adjust leg openings to fit baby’s leg snugly.
  • Before each use, make sure all fasteners, belts, straps and snaps are secured.
  • Take special care when leaning or walking; lift the support pole before moving.
  • Never bend at waist; bend at your knees.
  • Never lean on the support pole.
  • Only use Mamapod baby carrier for children between 12-44lbs and 4-36months
  • Use one arm to support your child at all times, especially for seat only mode when used without the attachment top wrapper.

To avoid suffocation: (Especially applicable to infants under 4-months-old, who can suffocate in a carrier if his or her face is pressed too tight against your body; not recommended to be carried in Mamapod Baby Carrier)

  • Do not strap your infant too tight against your body.
  • Allow room for head movement.
  • Keep infant’s face free from obstructions at all times.

    Please read instructions thoroughly before assembling and using the carrier, and be aware:

    • Your child’s safety is your responsibility – support his or her head/neck at all times and don’t leave your child unattended.
    • Do not use if carrier is damaged or missing a part.
    • Carrier is subject to normal wear and tear over time. Always check for ripped seams, torn straps or damaged fasteners to ensure that all buckles, snaps, zippers, seams, straps and adjustments are secure before each use.
    • We recommend babies 4-6 months are carried facing inward.
    • Please do not use the carrier for infants that are under 4-months-old or are older and are having respiratory problems, as they are at greater risk of suffocation.
    • Wear carrier around waist, not pelvis, and be sure to fasten the waist belt for greater comfort and support.
    • Baby should be positioned with legs straddling the seat and both arms extending through the armholes.
    • Always protect baby with one arm when putting on the shoulder strap.
    • Always ensure sufficient room around baby’s face for good airflow, proper breathing and easy head movement.
    • When using the carrier without the wrapper, always protect baby with at least one hand.
    • Refrain from prolonged use. Never use or more than 2 hours without taking a break or within 30 minutes after nursing.
    • If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before using the carrier.
    • Consult a doctor if your child is a low birth weight baby or has a medical condition that may affect the safe usage of the carrier.
    • Avoid unnecessary excessive sun exposure to preserve and protect the integrity of the carrier.

    Some common sense best practices:

    • Monitor baby at all times. Carefully unload baby when you or baby feels uncomfortable.
    • Do not use the carrier when you’re engaging in strenuous activities, such as running.
    • Never use while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning, which involves a heat source, or expose to chemicals.
    • Prevent accidents by being aware of your surroundings and not taking unnecessary risks, such as drinking hot coffee while your baby is in the carrier.
    • Never use the carrier when your balance or mobility is impaired (i.e. you’re ill or taking medicine).
    • Never use while driving or as a passenger in a motor vehicle.
    • Use extra caution to prevent tripping or falling when move around or adjust carrier.
    • Only use the support pole when standing. Do not use when you need to move around a lot.
    • Lift or stow the support pole before moving.