As inventors of a product devoted to supporting the incredible, strong and resilient men and women who are raising children, we have the honor to meet some incredible people with amazing life stories. When times are hard, and you wonder how you can “do it all,” we hope you’ll find inspiration from our PodSquad. Together, we have your back!

Meet Lauren Hinnershitz, founder of NOONI’S leak-resistant bra and nursing apparel & mom of two boys, ages one and five

We met inventor Lauren Hinnershitz at a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) show, and immediately loved her energy, enthusiasm, and brilliant idea for the first-ever comfortable, leak-resistant nursing sleep bra that no longer requires breast pads. Seeing Lauren in action as both an entrepreneur and a dedicated mom — her six-month-old baby was with her at the tradeshow — we knew she was the perfect addition to our PodSquad.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when a woman like Lauren (nicknamed “Nooni” as a child) recognizes a necessity… things happen! As a new mom, she spent the first few months grappling with a common problem: heavy leaking, especially at night. Lauren searched in stores and online for a solution that worked, but to her shock and dismay, there was nothing at the time on the market. After spending countless uncomfortable nights wrestling with nursing pads that didn’t stay put, sleeping on crinkly sheet protectors and layers of towels, and running through a pile of back-up t-shirts she kept on her nightstand, Lauren decided she had to do something.

“I knew how much I struggled with leaking, and I knew so many others do too. I just had to make it happen, because I wanted to help other moms.”

By the time her baby was four-months-old, Lauren had come up with the idea for a nursing-friendly, comfortable, absorbent bra that you can swap out when it’s wet for a new one, rather than bothering with nursing pads. Two years and one Kickstarter campaign later, while barely a trimester into her second pregnancy, Lauren launched NOONI’S. Today, with her youngest just a year old, and a preschooler, she has built Nooni’s into a thriving brand that sells on Amazon, at Nordstrom, and in specialty stores nationwide. It’s a busy life, but Lauren has been driven from the get-go to help other moms rest easier.

“I have a sticker that says, “No one has it all figured out.” That’s a helpful reminder when I’m struggling. And I remind myself to breathe.”

Part of what makes Lauren’s story so inspiring and heartwarming is the love and support she finds from her own family. Her dad was her earliest and staunchest supporter, having spent 40 years working in the apparel industry. He loved his daughter’s vision from the moment he heard it, and his knowledge of how to get apparel products created and distributed has been invaluable. And when the NOONI’S nursing bra was ready to debut at the ABC Kids tradeshow, Lauren was nine-months pregnant with her youngest — so her dad covered for her.

Equally invested in Lauren’s success is her mom, whom we met at the JPMA show. She was in tow, taking care of the children while Lauren worked the crowd, spreading the word about her revolutionary nursing bras.

Why Lauren 💚s Mamapod

It was Lauren’s petite mom who first tried out Mamapod, using it to carry her six-month-old grandson all over the tradeshow while Lauren worked. She loved how it took all the pressure off her back and made it comfortable and easy to support the baby. Before she left JPMA, she had already spread the word to her sister — another grandma who loves taking care of her grandkids but hates the back strain that can come with babysitting duty.

Today Lauren is especially grateful for her Mamapod when it’s time to travel.

“Our family is all out of state, and I rely on baby carriers when we’re heading out of town. I literally wear the baby through the airport. Mamapod is perfect, especially when we’re delayed or waiting around — I can move around easily, so nobody gets stir crazy or bored.”

For more about Lauren and NOONI’S patented, comfortable, 3-layer, leak-resistant nursing bras, please visit the NOONI’S website or find them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.