As inventors of a product devoted to supporting the incredible, strong and resilient men and women who are raising children, we have the honor to meet some incredible people with amazing life stories. When times are hard, and you wonder how you can “do it all,” we hope you’ll find inspiration from our PodSquad. Together, we have your back!

Meet Jessica Whobrey, Our Inaugural PodSquad Honoree

We met Jessica at a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) show in Orlando, and she was the winner of a blue Mamapod giveaway. When we learned her story, we realized it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person! Jessica Whobrey takes multitasking to the next level. A 39-year-old mother of 11 children who range in age from six months to 25 years, plus five grandchildren, she’s quite literally got her hands full!

“Balance isn't about finding the right path to follow, but following the path as it's shaped.”

Jessica owns and operates a tree service and landscaping company with her husband, Travis, in the Tampa Bay area. She also homeschools her kids, studies for her aromatherapy license, sells essential oils and is aiming to earn her birth and postpartum doula certification after that. All of this vibrant and busy life takes place while she and her family members are also battling the effects of Lyme disease. This is actually the secret to Jessica’s incredible ability to find balance: she and Travis set long term goals, work out a plan to get there and put the emphasis on progress, not perfection. She also empowers her children to help out — even her baby was on the job with her at just three days old, and today he accompanies her to job sites in the Mamapod.

“Mamapod lets me get tasks done comfortably. We also have a small plant nursery, and I can water the plants and hold my youngest at the same time. I take my Mamapod with me everywhere: shopping, baby shows and jobsites. It's awesome.”
Why Jessica 💚s Mampod

In the past, Jessica had back problems and her children had skin problems from using a soft carrier. She told us she wishes she had Mamapod for all of her children, and now with youngest who loves to be part of the action, she hails it as “a back saver.” And Jessica loves having him snuggled in her arms with her each day— yet another testament to her loving and nurturing world view. As she told us, “Life changes from one day to the next, so sit back and enjoy the ride, it might take you further than you could have ever imagined.”

For more about Jessica, visit her website and follow her on social media: Instagram & Facebook.