Mamapod Baby Carrier

Introducing Mamapod, world’s first stress-free baby carrier. The ergonomic design incorporates a foldable baby seat and features the patent pending Mamapod support pole as an optional supportive accessory. Wide waist belt and comfy shoulder belt ensure proper load distribution and extra lumbar support for caregivers. The foldable seat provides a healthy seated position for your baby at all times.  The adjustable wrapper leg opening offers comfort and safety for your baby when facing either inward or outward.  When you need to stand for an extended period of time, the Mamapod detachable telescopic support pole can be easily installed in seconds, alleviating the stress on your neck, back and shoulders for a more comfortable baby wearing experience.

Ergonomic, Minimal & Stylish

Optimal Structure

Built In Breathability

Soft Mesh Layer

Folded Wrapper Extension

Face Out Comfort

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Custom Fit

Adjustable Leg Opening

How to Adjust

Total Back Relief

Optional Adjustable Support Pole

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Compact & Light

Foldable Under The Seat

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Flexible Support Pole Parking

Side Elastic Pole Tie

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Loose Pole Tether

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For on the go or smaller baby

Seat Only Mode

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Finally! You know when you think, "why didn't I think of that? Or why didn't all the Mothers before me think of that?" Well, the maker of this did. And bravo to her, she nailed it. As a woman on her third baby, I have tried over 6 baby carries. There is no comparison to this one, Mamapod™ blows them all out of the water. You can see the difference in quality as it is sturdy yet comfortable. Somehow weight seemed better distributed with this carrier. And the rod is fabulous for when you are standing in one position, my back thanks you!

It really is a great product. Great job. The only thing I could think about is the drool bib, it seemed to flip up a lot. But it is a great idea as well!

Mollie B., 12/2018

We are an active family with older children, and often we go places where a stroller is not a practical option. You would think carrying a 9 month old baby wouldn’t get tiring, but it most certainly does. The new Mamapod™ seems to fit the bill. I've had numerous types of carriers, but they always seem to only work for specific situations—for example, front facing in, forward facing out, back or hip. Some of the carriers I have do advertise multiple positions, but are really only comfortable one position. And, in many cases, my little one is not very comfortable either. On the other hand, the Mamapod™ is very comfortable for me to wear and with the pole to support my's a no brainer!  My daughter seemed to prefer the forward facing option. She is at the age that she wants to be able to look out and interact with the world around her. Other carriers that I have used in the forward facing out position did not seem to provide the necessary support for my daughter  She either seemed to slouch or did not feel secure. The Mamapod™ provides the perfect amount of support needed for my daughter to feel secure with no slouching at all. The adjustability of the Mamapod™ carrier is amazing. It can be cinched down small enough to fit my petite frame, and then adjusts out again to fit my tall, broad-shouldered husband. All of the adjustments are simple and easy. The versatility to fit multiple body sizes is wonderful. I really love the new Mamapod™ and its versatility!!  Thank you Mamapod™!!

Jericha J., 01/2019

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