General FAQ

Is the carrier machine washable?
Absolutely! Just remember to remove the seat before washing. Wash with cold water and gentle detergent, and hang it up to dry. For the natural gray cotton Mamapod, you can steam to remove wrinkles if needed.

Why there is a seat in the baby carrier?
For babies who can sit by themselves, the hip seat provides comfort and support. The leg straddling position also helps support healthy hip development. Additionally, the seat in combination with the waist and shoulder belts provides significant relief to the parent or caregiver – for a win-win all around!

How do I fold/unfold the seat?
It’s easy – all you need to do is simultaneously push the buttons on the left and right of the seat to collapse it. You may need to apply some force to open or close the seat.  No need to push the buttons when opening the folded seat. You should hear a click sound when seat is opened and locked in position for use. For busy toddlers who often go back and forth between wanting to be carried and wanting to be out of the carrier, try leaving carrier in seat only mode to make it easier and more convenient for you and your child.

How do I adjust the wrapper?
Depending on how you’re carrying your child, you’ll adjust the wrapper so that the leg opening is sized smaller/larger, for maximum comfort and safety depending on the following:

  • A smaller leg opening and wider leg/bottom protection is recommended for smaller or younger babies or when the baby is facing inward in the front carry position, or when using the carrier in back carry mode.
  • A wider leg opening is recommended when your child is facing outward in the front carry position.

The leg opening is adjustable by attaching the wrapper side extension to the Velcro layer underneath the seat’s top layer. The wrapper’s side extension can be folded to create a larger leg opening for maximum comfort when your child is facing outward. Please make sure baby is big enough (at least 6-months-old) to use this carrying mode.

Mamapod Support Pole FAQ

What is the support pole for? 
When you need to stand with your child for a period of time, the Mamapod support pole can give your back total relief. Carry it with you when you anticipate that you will be standing and carrying baby for an extended period of time, such as waiting in line at a theme park or when standing to watch a live show in aquarium. 

How heavy is the support pole?
The support pole is lightweight - less than a pound.

How do I install the support pole?
Here are the steps:

  • Remove the support pole from the seat pocket, unfold it, and adjust to your height.
  • Open the snap pocket underneath the seat and locate the hole where the support pole will go.
  • Position the support pole under seat through that hole, and lift and push the support pole up to seat level. It should easily snap-attach to the magnetic socket under the seat.  

Can the support pole be angled?
The support pole can operate safely within 15° from a fully vertical direction. Make sure your baby is sitting centered in the carrier; the support pole is attached in a specific way to reliably support you in carrying your child’s weight up to 44 lbs. Keep in mind that using the support pole at a 90° angle provides you with the best back relief – but feel free to adjust for baby’s comfort, up to that 15° area.

Can I move around with the support pole in place?
The support pole is magnetically attached to the socket under seat, so it can be lifted along with the seat without losing connection.  While it’s not recommended that you move a long distance with the pole in place, you can easily move around a bit with the support pole still attached to the seat – just be sure to lift the support pole before you start walking. If you’re on the go and will be moving over a distance, for your convenience and safety please stow the support pole in the seat pocket.

How do I remove the support pole?
To remove the support pole, simply pull it from the seat socket. This may take a bit of pressure, as the attachment is designed to be safe and secure.

Where do I store the support pole when I’m not using it?
The support pole can easily be folded and strapped to stow under the seat pocket. It can also be folded in two segments and you can stash each section into the elastic tie around the waist belt.

What if the support pole falls off from the seat socket?
Under the seat you’ll find a loose tether that you engage via a buckle to prevent the support pole from falling to the ground – a safeguard in case you accidentally don’t properly attach the support pole. That way the pole never fully detaches from the seat, and you can easily reach out to adjust it any time.

How long is the support pole? And how do I adjust it to be the right size for me?
The support pole length is adjustable and specially designed to  accommodate users in a wide range of heights, from 4’9” to 6’1”.
To adjust the length:

  • Loosen the secure ring.
  • Push down the button control.
  • Move and lock the support pole into the position you need.
  • Then tighten the secure ring – and that’s it!

If you need the pole to be especially short, the bottom leg segment is removable:

  • Twist to remove the rubber foot.
  • Unscrew and remove the screw on bottom leg segment.
  • Twist, install and secure the rubber foot at the bottom of the shortened support pole.
  • If you need to re-install this extra bottom leg segment back, just simply reverse the process. 

What should I be aware of when using the support pole?
Please be cautious of falling and tripping hazards in the environment when you are using support pole.  Move only when you are confident that your child and you are both safe.