Front Carry
Support Pole Installation & Usage
Leg Opening Adjustment: for Face In Mode
Leg Opening Adjustment: for Face Out Mode
Seat Only Mode
Support Pole Stow and Park


Instructions Highlight

Ways to Use

  • Use as a hip seat carrier if your baby is older than 4 months  and can sit by him/herself.
    • If your baby is less than 6-months-old, front carry/facing inward position is recommended.
    • When your baby is 6 months or older, she or he can also enjoy the front carry/facing outward position.
    • Once your baby is 8 months or older, the back carry position is recommended.
  • To offload baby’s weight and relieve your back pain, simply add the support pole.

Usage Scenarios: 

  • Wrapper feature:
    • Use front wrapper for enhanced safety and balanced load distribution. 
    • Unbutton, roll down and stow the front wrapper’s outer layer to use the underlying mesh cover for enhanced breathability.
    • You can also remove the front wrapper completely and use the seat alone for convenience. CAUTION: In this position, ALWAYS hold your baby in your arms for his or her safety.
  • Side wrappers feature:
    • Use the side wrapper to adjust the leg opening size so it snugly fits each of your baby’s legs, ensuring optimal safety and sitting comfort.
    • The side wrapper should be adjusted to the smallest leg opening that’s comfortable for your child when he or she is facing inward – especially in the back carry position.
    • For a larger baby or toddler, use the biggest leg opening possible. Simply detach the side wrapper from the Velcro layer under seat top cover and fold and button the side extension. Note this is used only in front carry position, especially when your baby is facing outwards.
  • Seat feature:
    • The seat is recommended for babies who can sit by themselves.
    • It can also be folded in “standby” mode.
    • If you prefer to use your Mamapod as a soft carrier, the seat can be removed. (Please note this is not recommended, as the seat helps relieve the stress from your neck, back and shoulders.)
  • Support pole feature:
    • Install the support pole to offload your baby’s weight when you’re standing still for an extended period of time.
    • Stow the support pole when it’s not needed.
      • The folded pole fits neatly under the seat pocket.
      • For easy access to the pole, you can also fold it and stash it in your waist belt using the tie.