Kids Activities on the Go

By Kate Williams Jan 18, 2019

Keeping kids busy is important for their health and development. If you’re the parent or caregiver of a busy toddler, here are some fun activities to keep your kids on the go any time of year.

TEN places to take your toddler for a fun day out

  1. Go to a park

    Parks are the best free entertainment there is, and you can go any time of year. You can stay for just a few minutes, or pack a picnic lunch and play all day!
  1. Head to a museum

    Most cities have at least one kid-friendly museum. If you don’t have a children’s museum nearby, check with your local museums to see if they have special kids’ days. Many art museums dedicate one day a month for kids to come in and do special activities that are geared toward their level.
  1. Hit up the zoo or aquarium

    If your city has a zoo or aquarium, they are fantastic places to take toddlers for the day. Just make sure to bring snacks, water, and your favorite toddler carrier since no matter how much they insist they’ll walk the whole way, they won’t. They just won’t. 
  1. Go to the mall (on a weekday)

    The mall on a weekend is nuts, but during the week, it can be a relatively calm place to take your toddler. The play area can be a nice place for your toddler to let out some energy, while you take a break with a nice hot cup of coffee.
  1. Check out a book at the library

    Libraries are perfect for toddlers, especially if yours has a story hour. Your kid can interact with other kids his age while hearing some fun stories. Bring your library card to check out some books afterward.
  1. Take a hike

    Getting into nature is good for the mind and body. You can take your toddler to a nature center, or you can just take him around the neighborhood. Make it different from other walks by talking about the things you find along the way, and pointing out different plants and animals you see as you walk by.
  1. Learn at a botanical garden

    A lot of cities have botanical gardens in or near them, and they’re often free for the public. This can be a great place to start teaching your little one about how plants grow and getting them in tune with nature.
  1. Try a gym

    A lot of gyms are open in the country where kids can run, jump, and just, well, be kids while they’re there. Take a look to see where there is a kids’ gym in your area. A lot of them offer free trial days, so you can see if it’s something your kid is into before you spend money on lessons or a membership.
  1. Find a place to splash

    Getting your child used to water can be great for their well-being. Whether you take them to an outdoor pool in the summer or an indoor one in the winter, teaching your child to swim is an invaluable life lesson that’s also a lot of fun.
  1. Pick fruit from an orchard

    Picking fruit, like blueberries or apples, is fun for kids, and it’s also good exercise. See what orchards or farms are in your area that have opportunities for you to pick your own fruit. As an added bonus, the fruit you pick will likely be less expensive and better quality than what you find at a grocery store.

Wherever you decide to take your little one, make sure to bring along the Mamapod to protect your back when your toddler gets too tired to walk anymore.

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