Baby-Wearing Moms: How to Stay Fit With a Little One

By Morgan Sliff


When you have a baby, a lot in life changes. Your new little ray of sunshine has your full attention, and things like outings, social events, and fitness tend to fall to the wayside. For moms, raising a child is a rewarding, but stressful experience at times—especially when you can’t make time for things that are important to you. Namely, exercise.

The good news is, there’s a way to keep yourself in shape and spend time with your little one. A healthier postpartum experience without sacrificing bonding time is very much possible—with comfortable, stylish baby carriers.

Move More With Baby Carriers

Baby carriers have long been a popular way for busy moms to move around easily with their youngsters. Whether it’s going to the park, hitting the grocery store, or going on a long hike, baby carriers have allowed moms the freedom of simple movement—something they were otherwise limited in doing with a baby-belly. But not all baby carriers are made equal, and in years past, some carriers have done more harm than good for moms eager for a bit of exercise.

That said, recent advances in technology have made carriers easier on the back, baby, and MUCH easier on the mom. There’s little that you can’t do with a proper baby carrier, as they’re designed to distribute weight efficiently to take the most amount of stress and burden off your body. Modern baby carriers come with a flood of features and stylish designs that make it easy to move freely and comfortably—all while hanging out with your little bundle of joy.

Different Baby Carriers for Different Moms

When choosing a baby carrier, it’s important to find one that fits your needs, style, and the weight class of your child. No two moms are the same, and it’s crucial to get a carrier that checks all your boxes.

New Babies: Nesting Days

The Nesting Days carrier is a soft, sleek carrier perfect for tiny tots. There are three options, the last capping off at 18 lbs.—and each one is meant to cater to the shape of you and the resting position of your baby. Nesting Days’ fabric is buttery soft on the skin and comes in diverse styles (polka dots, dew drops) that add a hint of fashion to your carrier.

Moving into the realm of bigger babies and toddlers is where carriers get tricky. Other carriers like Beco and Lillebaby have some selling points, but when it comes to sustained comfort, ease of use, and a zero-stress experience, many companies like these fail to reach adequate mommy standards. Enter, Mamapod.

Mamapod: A Better Way to Carry

Mamapod is our cutting-edge baby carrier that features multiple modes (front/back, inward/outward) and comfort features designed to keep your baby cozy and you free of back pain. The lightweight support of the Mamapod comes with a foldable seat and the priceless aid of the Mamapod support pole, which takes the entire load weight off you any time you need a break.

A breathable mesh pad provides extra space between you and your baby and lets the heat out, and the Mamapod support pole can be used as an alpine stick on hiking trails. Our stress-free baby carrier is suited to 12-lb little tykes and can support toddlers all the way up to 44 lbs.

Find freedom, explore, and have more fun with Mamapod.

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